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Samsara Protocol Logo

A decentralized, white-label lottery protocol developed for the Ethereum blockchain.

White Paper

What is Samsara Protocol?

Samsara Protocol is a decentralized white-label lottery protocol which enables the running of provably-fair lotteries and random draws through proprietary smart contracts run on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Status Quo

Trust on the part of customers online is at an all time low.

Whether it is for a game of chance such as a lottery or casino game, a corporate promotion with winners selected at random or a community group endeavor, customers today have little faith in the security, transparency or fairness these offer.

Moving Beyond Trust

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing how we play and promote online, as it removes the need for trust.

Samsara Protocol, run on the Ethereum blockchain, provides a simple, effective and secure solution to the central issues of trust and transparency in lottery games and randomized draws. It can be applied to run provably fair lottery draws, marketing promotions, interview selection processes, waiting lists and more, and deliver a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded market.

Diagram of how Samsara Protocol operates

SRA Token & SRA Token Lotto

SRA Tokens are the world’s first and only endless lottery tickets.

Powered by Samsara Protocol smart contracts, each SRA Token gives its holder one entry into every single SRA Token Lotto draw held, and with draws held whenever the prize fund reaches 1 Ether, infinite chances to win.

SRA Tokens and the SRA Token Lotto will be launched in tandem with Samsara Protocol.

Samsara Luxury Lotto

Samsara Luxury Lotto Logo

Samsara Luxury Lotto is the world’s first blockchain powered, provably fair luxury lottery draw, and Samsara Protocol’s proof-of-concept.

If offers luxury brands a new channel through which to reach an untapped market, and players around the world a trustless and transparent opportunity to win luxury items, initially exotic real estate, as well as substantial cash prizes.

With Samsara Protocol, Samsara Luxury Lotto can offer both brands and players:

  • A provably fair lottery draw powered by smart contracts,
  • True random number generation for every draw,
  • Transparent ticket sales and odds,
  • All recorded, stored and publicly accessible on the Ethereum blockchain.


Samsara Protocol Roadmap
Samsara Protocol Roadmap

Core Team

Sheldon Augustyn

Sheldon Augustyn

Founder & Serial Entrepreneur

Sheldon builds things. Not always in the traditional sense, although his recent endeavors do include an award-winning sustainable villa development. He builds the ecosystem in which great ideas are nurtured and brought to life. The more complex the problem, the more challenging the idea, the more interesting it becomes for Sheldon. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Today he is building Samsara with a handpicked team. He aims to make blockchain technology accessible to all, one creative solution at a time.

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Gustavo Guimaraes

Gustavo Guimaraes

Founder & Blockchain and Smart Contract Engineer

Joie-de-vivre practitioner and lifelong learner, Gustavo finds innovative solutions to real-world problems through technology. He also dances. Creative, driven and determined, the satisfaction he derives from solving intricate problems is only matched by the joy he finds in working with equally passionate and talented minds. He has solved problems in an array of industries, from education to the arts, and was a German Chancellor Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in 2014.

Co-founder of Samsara, Gustavo aims to change the rules of the game to make them fairer through smart contracts. When he is not doing that, he can be found creating new dance moves and spending time with amazing people.

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Lenny Watson

Lenny Watson

Head of Investor Relations and Communications

A true global citizen Lenny has had complex and fascinating life, experiencing the tragedy of war, the elation of love and everything in between. His path has taken him around the world educating him in culinary arts, global politics and how to be nice to people. His skills vary and are highly adaptable as he commonly finds himself in community projects or ventures in social entrepreneurship.

At Samsara he is the link between the community and the development team. Helping investors see the project’s vision and value, the development team incorporate the ideas and desires of the community and both to achieve their goals.

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Karine Baroudi

Karine Baroudi

Marketing & Business Strategy

Jack-of-all-trades and master of a few, Karine helps businesses work smarter and communicate better. Driven by insatiable curiosity and implacable logic, she combines a deep understanding of business, marketing, writing and human psychology to deliver profitable solutions which endure. She finds joy in the power of words, the kindness of strangers and dogs.

At Samsara, she aims to make the concept, and the technology it is built on, easy to understand for everyone through coherent approaches and concise, clear copy.

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Jessica Carvalho

Jessica Carvalho

Creative Lead

Jessica unwittingly embarked on her career path in elementary school. There, in return for pocket change or candy, she would deliver her first commissions: lovingly drawn, carefully colored pencil sketches of Michael Jackson. Her drive for perfection, even in the smallest of details, started here as she painstakingly recreated his iconic sparkling white glove.

Today, Jessica brings concepts to life through elegantly executed visual solutions. At Samsara, she helps to clarify the complex technology and processes which underpin the concept through her beautiful, efficient, simple and clear designs.

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